I was an undergraduate student studying design and architecture when I first owned a digital DSLR camera. 
From that point on one thing led to another. What began as a hobby or occasionally taking photos of my faculty's annual events became more serious. Just like everybody else, it all started with learning and mastering new techniques, and shooting portraits were amongst the first thing I practiced. 
Back when I started, taking photos were strictly for fun. After numerous years, through exploring new genres and getting inspired by many  photographers and their work, it all started to make sense to me the impact that a single photograph could have and the timeless story it could tell. I started off by shooting graduation ceremonies and all sort of events. I ended up discovering my passion for wedding photography and telling the stories of each couple's important day.
It is my strong belief that the single most important thing to capture during any given occasion is what's real. This could mean letting a scene unfold itself before your eyes or allowing unplanned circumstances to happen. 
As the main character in their very own story, the bride and groom are free to cherish those moments. As the photographer, it is our responsibility to tell those stories and give you the chance to go back in time.
At Sakolsilp, what really took place is what we aim to capture. We will try to take your photos exactly the way you are, with all things occurring naturally and genuinely
It is our intention to collect and deliver these moments that may only happen in one second but will likely last a lifetime. Through our perspective we will do our best to capture these moments and approach them as honestly as we can.
Thank you for putting your trust in us, and thank you if we are about to get to know each other.
Chakkraphob Sermphasit (Jom)
Founder, lead photographer